Back in 1986 a friend of me played a song called “Wasted Years” on his turntable. After that I was “Maidenized” as I bought the “Somewhere in time” album and that same friend taped his copy of “Killers” for me. The tape wasn’t long enough so for the first few months, playing the tape over and over again, I didn’t knew the last part of the song “Drifter” because it wasn’t on tape. I think I played that tape at least 3 times a day on my portable cassette player as I did my paper route and whilst cycling to school. It didn’t take me long to buy the album and all the other albums and I attended my first Iron Maiden concert in 1988 on the famous Monsters Of Rock festival in the Netherlands supported by Kiss, Helloween, Anthrax, Great White and David Lee Roth.

After that I attended every concert they gave in the Netherlands and started collecting Iron Maiden stuff. Iron Maiden Collectables and Iron Maiden Companion (Both books by Marco Gamba and Nicola Visintini) became my bibles and my room became my Maiden museum. Not as big as the collection of Rasmus Stavnsborg (look for him on the internet) but I am proud of it. Being an Iron Maiden collector I stumbled upon more and more solo material and recordings before or after Iron Maiden whilst searching on internet, record fairs etc. It started for me with a vinyl version of "Tattooed Millionaire" by Bruce Dickinson and continued after that copy. I discovered a new world outside of Iron Maiden but it is quite difficult to exactly find out who was where at what time.

That is why I started writing a book. I wanted to know what (ex) Iron Maiden members were doing before, after or even during their time in the greatest heavy metal band in the world. Which bands did they play in? Did they record something? Are these recordings available?
During the process of writing and researching I met many fantastic people who have helped me. It was lovely to chat with fellow fans, former band members and other authors both on the internet and in real life.

On this website you can see my collection and order my book(s).

Up The Irons!!!

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